We're heading out in the morning for a week long bike tour. Myself and Chris McNarley are making a undisclosed thing together combining the photo and illustrator arts. More on that in the future. Please follow along in the sort of instant way at the Blackburn Designs Instagram feed, and via #behindtheredwoodcurtain. If you don't hear anything for a while it's because the world is not yet covered in cellular membranes, or because an Elk stepped on me, or the Manson Family got us--All things possible where we're going.

Inaugural Women's Red Hook Criterium

This is important.
Inaugural Women's Red Hook Criterium
More on the (((FLICKR))).
Oh, and the guys raced, too:


Red Hook Criterium

A wild run in some gnarly conditions. Lower 40s and pouring rain made this year's race miserable and amazing at the same time. I rarely photograph at races but the Red Hook Criterium's 5k is different than most events, and I think it's hard and interesting to try and show in photos how it feels to be there. Besides the conditions and the nightime setting, the RHC crew are friends and they are designing one of the best identities in sports. For the last few years I've been contributing photos to their design and marketing efforts, mostly created by Jonah Birns.
Red Hook Crit 5K 2014
I posted up a bunch of photos (((here))). Also, this year's poster featured a photo of mine from last year:


Where's Brian?

My friend Cassie, a fellow nonstop traveler, set up a funny website for her family so they'd know where she is at all times. If you go to the site it is a simple landing page with her location in black text in the middle of a white page. It's her accurate location, as opposed to whatever inaccurate location seems to be implied by various social medias. Anyway, I won't be creating a similar page but I know my family would appreciate it. Here's an update though: Sweden last week, this week...?
sweden photo 2


Spring Training

Osaka Little League
Down in the archive I found these photos of a local baseball game near Osaka, Japan. I was there working on a film and shooting a separate project for Rapha. This day I was riding a bike out on the river levee, and all along the river were sports parks of various disciplines. The baseball game was such a timeless space. Nobody seemed to notice me. I just watched for a while and then took a few photos. The boys were completely into the game and definitely not thinking about the strange foreigner nearby. Japan is just like that, though. People aren't afraid of cameras even in the hands of a stranger. It's almost baseball season...so I thought about these photos and decided to share them.
Osaka Little League
Osaka Little League
Osaka Little League
Osaka Little League