Garage Days

I spent a few of my many Santa Cruz years in a great house (actually, one of many), and it was a regular stop-over point for friends on road trips with bikes, and of course a bunch of nice rides started right in my driveway. After a couple years there I got a Mamiya 7II, and it just seemed to be the right camera for the spot. Nothing fancy, you know? Just some friends with their bikes, a good feeling (the glow departing on a ride, or just returning), and whatever light there happened to be out there. Until next time friends, ease down the road.
Garage Days: Dain
Garage Days: Rona
Garage Days: The OG 50 Cent
Garage Days: Garrett
Garage Days: Aaron
Garage Days: Kyle
Garage Days: Barry
Garage Days: Jen
Garage Days: Todd
Garage Days: Chris
Garage Days: Ty

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