Rock Lobster for Aaron Bradford

I've always loved the personality behind Rock Lobster Cycles. Paul Sadoff is a legend in my mind for sure. Actually, he's a legend in most people's minds who know anything about custom bicycles. I had a chance to stop in his shop on Wednesday to check out this unique track bike. The bike was built with a rare Easton tube set drawn in their California facility over ten years ago. Paul is known for sitting on special tube sets, lugs, and other bits and waiting for just the right bike to use them for. Paul saved these tubes until deciding to build this bike for Aaron Bradford, who is quickly becoming a legend in his own right. Aaron's riding on the Super D, Enduro, and cyclocross cicuits is well known, and he's even made it out to NYC for the Red Hook Crit (placing 6th). I hustled a whole set of photos over to CYCLE EXIF for their profile on the bike. See the photos (((there))) or on my (((flickr))) or (((tumblr))).
Black Track
Aaron and I shot some riding photos down the road from Paul's West side Santa Cruz, shop. But all the detail shots of the bike were done outside the shop itself:
Black Track
I've done some photos over at Paul's shop many times and no matter how often I visit there is always something special to photograph, and most likely it was there all along and I never noticed it. His shop is packed with amazing bike history. This time I caught a glimpse of a fork I'd never seen in Paul's shop, much less anywhere else. This tapered steerer tube is the new new in mountain bike forks:
Tapered Steerer tube mountain fork
Aaron and his dirty mustache/Black Track Lobster:
Black Track
Aaron and Paul:
Black Track

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